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Top Law Essays for Students

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Criminal Law & Juvenile Justice

Overrepresentation of Indigenous People in the Criminal Justice System

Introduction Regarding criminal justice, Indigenous Peoples were overrepresented among those imprisoned for criminal charges. There are two ways to demonstrate this: by looking at the percentage of Indigenous people detained in the overall prison population and comparing the levels of Indigenous persons incarcerated and the variations in those levels over...

Intellectual Property Law

How People Talk About TikTok’s Intellectual Property Policy

Abstract TikTok is among the most popular social media, with over a billion users worldwide. While the app gives a platform for content creators to utilize original music in their video posts, the use of unlicensed music can lead to copyright infringements. This study examines the overall perception of copyright...

Criminal Law & Juvenile Justice

White-Collar Crime and Other Business-Related Crimes

Introduction White-collar crimes are highly prevalent in business organizations and most institutions that handle human resources due to their non-violent nature and ambiguity. Although most people who engage in white-collar crimes do it for profit, white-collar crimes have become a menace because of several other reasons. Compared to blue-collar crimes...

Criminal Law & Juvenile Justice

Drugs Legalization: All Drugs Should Be Legalized

Introduction All drugs should be legalized because it would free up some finances that the government spends on the criminal justice system. For example, most governments, such as the United States, spend billions of dollars on correctional services, courts, and law enforcement on many drug abuse cases. On the other...

Constitutional Law

The Second Amendment Discussion

Abstract The Second Amendment and the right to possess a gun is vital to the American people. It is a crystallization of many beliefs and values the people of United States find important, and a historic legacy of the country’s past. However, the impact of guns on society is highly...

Law Practice Management

Management Impact on Community-Police Relations

Police chiefs have resorted to applying legitimacy and procedural justice as new management styles, as they do to policing, in an attempt to curb crimes successfully. Legitimacy refers to the trust given to police by the people to use the authority vested in them to maintain order, control conflicts, and...

Criminal Law & Juvenile Justice

Restorative Justice and Its Positive Implications

Introduction It is important to note that the current systems of justice are built on the framework of retributive justice. Restorative justice is an alternative to the latter, which is based on the principles of harm repair rather than punishment. The concepts behind the methodological notion have practical examples, such...

Criminal Law & Juvenile Justice

A Seven-Stage Model of Planned Change in Criminal Law

Analyzing the Problem Domestic violence is physical, sexual, psychological, and economic violence occurring within the family between former or current spouses or partners. People use this pattern of behavior to control or dominate another with whom they have had an intimate or family relationship. Domestic violence is dangerous because it...

Criminal Law & Juvenile Justice

Controversies in London Policing

Introduction One of the primary goals of the police is to protect citizens by promoting safety and trust. Cooperation between society and police service representatives is a core item in human interactions and development. However, today, controversies continue to grow and affect public support and perceptions of the Metropolitan Police...

Corporate & Business Law

Legal and Ethical Practices in Business

Introduction Morality and ethical practices create an avenue for developing sustainable behavior in the world’s economy. Laws govern rules that dictate right and wrong approaches to specific matters within society. Failure to adhere to the regulations results in penalties in fines, jailing, and many more. Laws are essential for the...

Criminal Law & Juvenile Justice

Sentencing Policy for Repeat Offenders and Three-Strikes Policy

Repeat offenders continue to commit offenses after serving their sentence for a prior offense. Three-strikes legislation is a statute that mandates a lengthy jail sentence for a defendant found guilty of a specific third-time crime, typically a significant criminal (Worrall, 2008). The conditions for applying the law vary from state...

Criminology and Crime Theory

The Stigma of Former Imprisonment

The stigmatization of prisoners by society has always been a pressing problem for the American system. The significant nature of the personality of the judicial officer, the existence of effective programs for the readaptation of feelings, the difficult economic situation after the seizure, and the stigmatization of people with a...

Criminal Law & Juvenile Justice

Judicial Restraint and Activism

The federal judiciary is a branch of the federal government created under the U.S constitution and federal government laws. The primary role of the judiciary is to interpret the law, resolve disputes, and provide justice to citizens. The judiciary evaluates the constitutionality of federal statutes and settles other legal disputes...

Health Law

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center v. Nassar

An essential purpose of Title VII was to protect workers from retribution for complaining about workplace discrimination and ostracism. Cases reporting similar infractions have been expected, but one stood out (Griffin & Van Oort, 2013). The paper looks at the case of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center vs....

Criminology and Crime Theory

Mincey Residence v. Arizona Case Study

An undercover agent and several officers stormed a Mincey’s residence in Mincey v. Arizona case. The undercover policeman was shot, and Mincey was injured. In the afternoon of the same day as the attack, another murder investigator went to Mincey’s hospital (Justia Law, n.d.). After Miranda warnings, the investigator continued...

Criminal Law & Juvenile Justice

Youth Crime in the United Kingdom

Introduction and Rationale Youth crime or juvenile offense is one of the significant problems of the criminal justice system. Unlawful behavior of minors has had a high prevalence and obtained particular attention from researchers and academics involved in investigating the causes, manifestations, and possible solutions to youth crime (Densley et...

Criminal Law & Juvenile Justice

The American Criminal Justice System

Knowledge of all the stages that go into the trial process is of critical importance for understanding what is included in this decision-making and sentencing procedure. Hence, there are three main stages, pretrial, trial, and disposition, between which intermediate stages may occur. In the American criminal justice system, pretrial has...

Criminology and Crime Theory

Research Design Types: Criminal Justice Policy

The simple pretest-posttest research design is based on observing a single treatment group before and after the intervention. Simplicity in use can be considered the only strength of this research design (Welsh & Harris, 2015). The lack of comparison to the control group does not allow drawing a reliable conclusion...

Criminal Law & Juvenile Justice

Policies Against Sexual Offenders

Since ancient times punishment has been used to prevent unwanted and especially criminal behavior. Punishment in jurisprudence, theology, and philosophy has been viewed as a means by which a human’s behavior can be changed. However, this method of changing people’s behavior has long been criticized. Policies against sexual offenders are...

Matrimonial Law

Legal Differences Between Natural and Substitute Families

Introduction When the needs of the child are satisfied a base for proper development and growth are met. This need includes security and a loving environment which are provided by the parents for the child’s stability and development. Unfortunately, some parents cannot, or lack the skills to care for their...

Matrimonial Law

Supreme Court on Native American Adoption Law

The article is dedicated to a dispute concerning the legality of the Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978 and lower court decisions that subsequently declared it unconstitutional. According to the Act, a considerable number of Native American children were placed in non-Native American families through foster placement or adoption (Reuters,...