93 Contract Law Research Topics & Essay Examples

πŸ“ Contract Law Research Papers Examples

  1. Pepsi Company: Contracts and Privacy Issues
    Law essay sample: The theory applies to the case between Pepsi Company and a Seattle man where Pepsi Company included Harrier Jet in one of its TV commercials as a prize after getting seven million Pepsi points.
  2. Contract Law for Business Units and New Parties
    Law essay sample: This paper looks at the different aspects that govern the contract law and it will be applicable to the parties that enter into the contract.
  3. Contract Law: Elements and Essential Terms
    Law essay sample: The contract refers to either bilateral or multilateral legal transaction in which two parties or multiple sides make an agreement on a certain object.
  4. Contract Law: Introduction to Business Law.
    Law essay sample: A contract is an agreement to create a legal obligation binding the parties involved. Parties to the contact negotiate terms and make their intentions clear to each other.
  5. Case of Australian Contract Law Performance
    Law essay sample: A case at hand within the Australian law context. A contract was drawn between Adams and Belinda. Under the contract, Adams agreed to construct an extension to Belinda's house.
  6. UK Law: Contract Instructions
    Law essay sample: Contracts are legally binding agreements that regulate relationships between two parties, which are called an offeree and an offeror. A contract cannot exist without four features.
  7. Business Ethics and Environmental Laws: A Case Analysis
    Law essay sample: Business ethics are associated with meeting set standards regarding environmental, social and financial issues with major issues being, environmental pollution, etc.
  8. Analysis of Contract Law in Business
    Law essay sample: A contract is a legally enforceable agreement between two or more parties where one party agrees to undertake some actions while the other party guarantees a consideration.
  9. Employee Law and Relations in the United Kingdom
    Law essay sample: In the United Kingdom labor relations dates back to the time of the industrial revolution which ushered the implementation of laws that govern the relationship between employers and employees.
  10. International Carriage of Goods by Sea: Hamburg or Rotterdam?
    Law essay sample: The area of law covering international carriage of goods by sea has been regulated by international conventions such as The Hague, the Hague-Visby, and the Hamburg Rules.
  11. UAE Labour Law and Relations in the Aviation Industry
    Law essay sample: This paper gives a stringent analysis of the UAE carriers, which are among the fastest growing airlines in the world.
  12. Law and Health Care System Administration
    Law essay sample: There must be a healthy relationship between physicians and patients and hospital and patients to ensure health services are provided without subjectivity.
  13. Business and Corporate Law: Human Resource Management
    Law essay sample: Fair Work Australia focuses on relations in the workplace and the provision of help to employees and employers. One of the roles of FWA involves varying awards at the workplace.
  14. Influence of External Sources of Employment Law on Employer Directives
    Law essay sample: The employment correlation is a lawful concept broadly accepted in countries around the globe to refer to the link between the employer and the employee.
  15. Law for Small Business Partnership in Australia
    Law essay sample: The owner of the business operates a small business that is co-owned by two partners making it a partnership. The business had to comply with Australian laws.
  16. European Protection Against Unfair Sales Practices
    Law essay sample: This paper undertakes an in-depth analysis and assessment of both EU directives to determine the exact ways in which they enhance protection against unfair sales practices.
  17. Economic Crimes and Oil and Gas Transactions
    Law essay sample: Oil and gas transactions are one of the major financial transactions that malicious individuals can use to their advantage.
  18. Breach of Contract Case Analysis
    Law essay sample: The issue concerned a breach of contract by one party led to the decrease in revenue incurred by the non-breaching party, Party A and Party B, respectively.
  19. Principle of Commercial Law
    Law essay sample: The subject of business law is multidisciplinary since it covers the areas of intellectual property, tax law, bankruptcy, employment law, and real estate among other disciplines.
  20. Contractual Aspects and Business Negligence
    Law essay sample: The paper discusses that an agreement becomes a contract when all the required legal elements are met. Hence, not all agreements qualify as contracts.
  21. Conflict of Law: Rome Convention and the Rome I Regulation
    Law essay sample: This paper evaluates the impact that the Rome Convention replacement by the Rome I Regulation has had on the area of choice of law in the contract.
  22. Contract Law: Consideration, Restitution, Fraud
    Law essay sample: This paper aims to discuss contract law in four parameters: Consideration, restitution and unjust enrichment, statute of fraud, and remedies for breach of contract.
  23. The Role and Aspects of Contract Law
    Law essay sample: The paper seeks to discuss various elements of contract law which plays an imperative role in society by using a case scenario.

πŸ’‘ Essay Ideas on Contract Law

  1. Evaluation of Contract Law and The Forming of Online Contracts
  2. Alive and Well: The Good Faith Principle in Turkish Contract Law
  3. Contract Law and Concert Promotion and Perfornance
  4. Contract Law and the Doctrine of Consideration in the United Kingdom
  5. Contract Law and the Self-Enforcing Range of Contracts in Agriculture
  6. Contract Law: Elements and Specific Terms in Business Contracts
  7. Contract Law: Fulfilling the Reasonable Expectations of Honest Men
  8. Contract Law, Mutual Mistake, and Incentives to Produce and Disclose Information
  9. Contract Law Problem Questions: Breach of Contract and Contract Termination
  10. Contract Law, Social Norms and Inter-Firm Cooperation
  11. Creditor and Debtor Relationship in Contract Law
  12. Economic Reasoning and the Framing of Contract Law: Sale of an Asset of Uncertain Value
  13. Efficient Third Party Liability of Auditors in Tort Law and in Contract Law
  14. Faulty Goods and Unfair Contract Exclusions Cases of English Contract Law
  15. International Business Climate and Germany Partnership, Agency, and Contract Law
  16. Mentally Challenged Individuals and Contract Law
  17. Multilateral Reputation Mechanisms and Contract Law in Agriculture : Complement or Substitutes
  18. Mutual and Unilateral Mistake in Contract Law
  19. Personal Versus Impersonal Trade: The Size of Trading Groups and Contract Law
  20. The Labor Contract Law, Macro Conditions, Self-Selection, and Labor Market Outcomes for Migrants in China
  21. Understanding Contract Law and How to Form Contracts on the Internet
  22. Unemployment Duration and Job-Match Quality in Urban China: The Dynamic Impact of 2008 Labor Contract Law
  23. Uniform Code Value, European Law, Contract Law, and the β€˜Battle of the Forms’
  24. Insurance Contract Law and Misrepresentation and Non-disclosure Concepts
  25. Contract Law in Legal and Economic Terms
  26. Partnership, Agency, and Contract Law in Germany and the International Business Climate
  27. Contract Law in Computing: Legal, Ethical, and Social Issues
  28. Contract Law Analysis for Engineers
  29. Contract Law, Mutual Error, and Incentives to Produce and Disclose Data
  30. Agriculture Contract Law and Multilateral Reputation Mechanisms
  31. Contract Law: Privity and Third-Party Rights
  32. Mistakes in Contract Law: Mutual and Unilateral
  33. Process, Components, and Methods in Contract Law
  34. Quase Contracts and the Indian Contract Law
  35. Contract Law Questions Concerning the UCITA and UCC
  36. Contemporary Contract Law and The Just Price Doctrine: Some Introductory Remarks
  37. Inter-Firm Cooperation, Contract Law, and Social Norms
  38. Contract Law’s Flaws and Issues in the Past
  39. Contract Theory and Contract Law’s Limits
  40. Resolution of Disputes in Australian Contract Law

❓ Contract Law Research Questions

  1. What Are the Biggest Issues in Contract Law?
  2. What Factors Can Destroy a Contract?
  3. What Are Common Mistakes in Law of Contract?
  4. What Are the Main Rules in Contract Law?
  5. What Are the Principles of Contract Law?
  6. What Are the Most Important Factors of a Contract Law?
  7. What Is the Distinction Between a Contract of Service and a Contract for Service?
  8. What Are the Negatives of Contract Law?
  9. What Major Issues Generally Are Discussed in Contract Negotiations?
  10. What Are the Important Points to Consider in Contract Law?
  11. What Is the Main Purpose Rule in Contract Law?
  12. What Are the Essentials of a Valid Contract?
  13. What Is the Difference Between a Contract and an Agreement?
  14. What Is an Illusory Promise in Contract Law?
  15. What Is the Mirror Image Rule in Contract Law?
  16. What Are the Two Primary Sources of Contract Law?
  17. What Are the Classification of Contracts?
  18. What Are the Two Types of Contract Law?
  19. Is Contract Law State or Federal?
  20. Is Contract Law Civil or Criminal?
  21. What Jurisdiction Governs a Contract?
  22. Who Enforces Contracts?
  23. Who Cannot Enter Into a Contract?
  24. What Makes a Contract Null and Void?
  25. What Cannot Be Excluded in a Contract?
  26. What Is Unenforceable Agreement?
  27. What Two Laws Can Make a Contract Unenforceable?
  28. What Are the Unenforceable Contracts?
  29. Are Promises Legally Enforceable?
  30. What Types of Contracts Are Under Common Law?

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