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How to Understand the Result

In the result section, you’ll see a histogram with colorful columns and your text with words highlighted in different colors. They will show how many words in your text are likely and unlikely to have been AI-generated and which parts need improvement.

AI Text Probability

So, how do you decode this histogram? The y-axis displays the number of words, while the x-axis is divided into four categories based on the likelihood of AI using specific words. Each color category has its meaning:

  • Pink — the top 10 words commonly used by AI.
  • Orange — words that are likely to be generated by AI.
  • Green — words that are less typical for AI-generated texts.
  • Blue — words that are unlikely to be used by AI.

AI-generated texts will be colored mostly pink, with few orange pieces and no green and blue patches.

Text Analysis

The text analysis uses the same color coding and helps you understand which parts of your paper look AI-generated. You can also click on each word and see its probability and top 5 replacements in the given context. Sometimes, these possible replacements will contain less predictable synonyms you can use to add variety to your text.

✅ How to Check if My Essay Is Written by AI?

As AI writing tools become more intelligent, spotting AI-generated text without special software gets more challenging. Luckily, there’s a solution that can save you time and effort! Try our AI writing detector! It is incredibly easy to use and can help you catch content generated by Chat GPT and other bots.

Here are four simple steps you need to take:

  1. Copy the content you want to analyze and paste it into the tool.
  2. Insert the title of the text or briefly describe what it is about.
  3. Click the button and wait for a moment.
  4. Evaluate the result.

🤔 Was This Essay Written by AI? Why You Should Check

Still wondering if you should try the AI writing detector? Then check out these benefits that make our tool stand out among similar software.

🆓 100% freeOur AI writing detector is free of charge. You can use it to improve your writing without spending any money.
📶 Fully onlineYou can access our tool from anywhere with an internet connection without downloading any software.
🌐 UniversalOur AI checker can check any text, no matter how complex the topic is.
🧩 DetailedThe detector provides a detailed text analysis, helping you quickly identify areas where you need to make changes.
🧑‍🎓 Designed for studentsOur AI writing detector was created to meet the needs of students looking to avoid plagiarism and improve their writing.

☝️ Essays Written by AI: Key Features

Although it’s hard to tell whether a text is human-written or AI-generated without using special software, certain clues can help you identify if the writing has AI origin.

Lack of Coherence and Clarity

If a text seems unclear, disorganized, and lacking logical connections between paragraphs, this is the first sign that it can be AI-generated. Chatbots can process and generate vast amounts of data but cannot understand the context, tone, and purpose. As a result, AI produces sentences that are grammatically correct but may not make sense in the overall written context.

Monotonous Sentences

A paper written by AI is highly likely to be monotonous, with no variation in sentence structure or length. AI algorithms generate text based on patterns and language models, which may not capture the nuances of human language. So, if you see a monotonous and repetitive text lacking variation in tone and style, this is a reason to suspect its AI origin.

Repetitive Content

AI algorithms lack creativity and the ability to generate new ideas. So, they often repeat the same phrases throughout the text because they are designed to identify patterns in language and replicate them. As a result, an AI-generated essay can have issues such as several body paragraphs starting with the same linking phrase or some of the arguments containing the same information.

Factual Errors

Text generated by AI is likely to have inaccuracies and mistakes because the algorithms rely on data that may be incomplete, false, or biased. AI can’t verify the accuracy of the sources it takes information from. Moreover, writing produced by a chatbot may contain outdated facts because, so far, it relies on data that cannot be updated in real time.

Lack of Direction and Personality

Chatbots are designed to generate content based on specific keywords or topics, but they cannot think creatively or express emotions. Moreover, AI writing tools often refrain from taking a strong position on an issue. So, if you see a text that seems detached, directionless, and overly impersonal, you should treat it with caution.

✍ How to Rewrite Chat GPT Essay

If our writing detector suggests that your essay has probably been generated by AI, don’t worry! There are some strategies you can use to improve the quality of your writing and make it more informative and personalized.

Add Information

One of the most significant limitations of AI-generated texts is that they often lack depth and context. To make your writing stand out from AI-produced content, ensure your essay covers the topic as clearly and comprehensively as possible within the required word count. For instance, consider adding relevant statistics, examples, or case studies to support your points.

Remove Wordiness

If your text is overly wordy and states information vaguely instead of sticking to the point, it can resemble AI content. Consider removing words and phrases that don’t add value to your paper. For instance, words like “very,” “really,” “actually,” and “literally” often add unnecessary emphasis and can be deleted without changing the overall meaning of the text.

Change Words & Sentences

AI texts are monotonous and repetitive; they lack variety in sentence structures and word choice. So, to make your writing stand out, ensure it doesn’t have these problems. For example, consider breaking long sentences into shorter ones and using different grammatical structures to make your writing more varied. Additionally, get rid of repetitive words and phrases and use synonyms instead. Use our exclusive Reworder tool to make any text modifications.

❓ Is My Essay Written by AI: FAQ

❓ How to detect if an essay was written by AI?

You can always use our writing detector to check if an essay is AI-generated. It will save you time because you only need to copy and paste the text, write down the topic (optionally), and click theCheck” button. In a few seconds, you’ll receive a detailed analysis of the text to edit it easily. 

❓ How do AI essay detectors work?

AI essay detectors use machine learning algorithms to analyze the text and identify patterns pointing to the AI origin of the content. Basically, AI detectors use an extensive database with human-written and AI-generated content. They can also evaluate the quality of the writing, including grammar, syntax, and coherence, to provide feedback and suggestions for improvement. 

❓ Are AI essays plagiarized?

Technically, AI essays are not plagiarized, as they are generated by algorithms that use pre-existing data to create new content. Even plagiarism checkers don’t detect copyright content in AI-written texts. However, submitting AI-written text as your own work without proper attribution is still considered academic dishonesty and may lead to severe consequences.

❓How to make an AI-written essay undetectable?

To make an AI-written essay undetectable, you should view it as your first draft that needs editing. Proofread the text and remove unnecessary words and repetitive phrases. Change the sentence structure and use synonyms to add a human touch. Finally, double-check all the factual information and include relevant examples. 

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