79 Forensic Science Research Topics & Essay Examples

πŸ“ Forensic Science Research Papers Examples

  1. DNA Evidence - Criminology
    Law essay sample: In this era, the most substantial evidence according to many people is DNA testing. People believe this is the only evidence that cannot be tampered.
  2. Wrongful Conviction in Criminal Court System
    Law essay sample: This paper has shown that the causes of wrongful conviction cannot be tackled in isolation since they are interrelated, for example, a misidentification isolates the wrong suspect.
  3. DNA and Crime Investigation or Forensic Evidence
    Law essay sample: While there has been notable success in criminal investigation matters, it seems most likely that, many people in this world have been convicted of crimes they did not commit.
  4. Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigation
    Law essay sample: Fraud and forensic accounting protects businesses from fraud, enhance the accuracy of financial statements, and help to predict bankruptcy.
  5. DNA Evidence and Its Role in Criminal Investigations
    Law essay sample: The use of DNA evidence in the investigation of crimes in America dates back to 1987. This research assesses the evolution of DNA evidence and its effect on investigating crimes.
  6. DNA Profiling and Its Use in Criminal Investigations
    Law essay sample: The structure and composition of DNA are some of the factors that greatly contribute to the use of DNA in forensic criminal investigations.
  7. Crime Scene Safety: A Comparison to Forensic Anthropology
    Law essay sample: Once evidence is removed from the scene, context is effectively destroyed, so it is vital to document these details via notes.
  8. Forensic Science for Prosecutors and Attorneys
    Law essay sample: Forensic science is critical in investigations as it allows the authorities to identify the crime suspect positively and find out exactly how the situation happened.
  9. Principles of Effective Investigation and Case Study
    Law essay sample: Obtaining criminal investigation information to obtain important pieces of evidence which when placed together may corroborate crime.

πŸ’‘ Essay Ideas on Forensic Science

  1. Importance of Forensic Photography in a Crime Scene Investigation
  2. The Role of The Forensic DNA Analysis
  3. The Problems with Forensic Science in United States
  4. Forensic Science Technicians: Career, Salary and Education
  5. The Role of Digital Forensic in Solving Cyber-crimes
  6. Proactive Forensic Science for Evidence Collection
  7. The Use of Visualizaton in Forensic Studies
  8. Importance of Quality Management in Forensic Science
  9. Forensic Anthropology Report on Specimens
  10. The Changing Role of Forensic Science
  11. The Logical Foundations of Forensic Science: Towards Reliable Knowledge
  12. Analysis of Forensic Sciences in the UK and the USA
  13. The History and Development of Forensic Science
  14. Consequences of Presence of Forensic Nurses in Health Care System
  15. 3D Forensic Science: A New Field Integrating 3D Imaging and 3D Printing in Crime Reconstruction
  16. The Utility of Forensic Anthropology in the Medical Examiner’s Office
  17. Potential Applications of MicroRNA Profiling to Forensic Investigations
  18. Ethical Issues Across Different Fields of Forensic Science
  19. Forensic Science and Crime Scene Investigation: Importance of Molecular Biology
  20. Forensic Genetics and Genomics: Much More Than Just a Human Affair
  21. Impact of the Human Microbiome in Forensic Sciences: A Systematic Review
  22. DNA: Characteristics, History and the Importance to Forensic Science
  23. Forensic Science and Miscarriages of Justice
  24. The Development of Forensic Science Standards in China
  25. Forensic Science. The Importance of Identity in Theory and Practice
  26. Forensic Bitemark Identification: Weak Foundations, Exaggerated Claims
  27. Forensic Science and the Death Penalty: DNA, Innocence, and the Debate over Capital Punishment in the United States
  28. Forensic Epistemology: A Need for Research and Pedagogy
  29. Development of Forensic Standards in China: A Review
  30. Mandatory Certification of Forensic Science Practitioners in the United States
  31. The Interface Between Forensic Science and Technology
  32. The Trace in the Technique: Forensic Science and the Connoisseur’s Gaze
  33. Forensic Entomologists: An Evaluation of Their Status
  34. Cognitive Neuroscience in Forensic Science: Understanding and Utilizing the Human Element
  35. Forensic Identification of Endodontically Treated Teeth After Heat-Induced Alterations
  36. Liquid Chromatography Finds Its Usefulness in Forensic Science
  37. Investigating Criminal Justice and Forensic Science Criminology
  38. The Scientific Method Applied to Forensic Science
  39. Forensic Science and the Scientific Examination of Evidence
  40. Forensic Science and Its Effects on Solving Crimes

❓ Forensic Science Research Questions

  1. Do Forensic Scientists Collect All Evidence?
  2. What Is the Biggest Challenge Forensic Laboratories Face Today?
  3. Who Can Be Considered a Subject Matter Expert in Regards to Forensic Science?
  4. What Is the Most Important Tool in Forensic Science?
  5. What Is the Ethical Issue in Forensic Science?
  6. What Is the Most Reliable Crime Scene Evidence?
  7. What Is Another Name for Forensic Science?
  8. Who Was the First Woman in Forensics?
  9. What Country Did Forensic Science Begin?
  10. What Are the Basic Functions of a Forensic Scientist?
  11. What Are the Advantages of Forensic Tools?
  12. How Often Do Forensic Methods Solve Crimes?
  13. Which Is Better Forensic Science or Criminology?
  14. What Is the Difference Between Forensics and Forensic Science?
  15. Why Is Research Important in Forensic Science?
  16. What Is the Most Reliable Forensic Evidence?
  17. What Are the Major Types of Forensic Evidence?
  18. What Is the Hardest Part of Forensic Science?
  19. What Are Three Ethical Guidelines for Forensic Scientists?
  20. Does the FBI Hire Forensic Scientists?
  21. What Is the Biggest Problem for Application Forensics?
  22. Can Forensic Evidence Be Wrong?
  23. Who Is the Father of Forensic Science?
  24. Why Is Forensic Science Unique?
  25. What Is the Largest Branch of Forensic Science?
  26. How Forensic Accounting Is Used in Forensic Science?
  27. What Is the Highest Forensic Position?
  28. What Is One Current Weakness of Forensic Science?
  29. What Is Toxicology in Forensic Science?
  30. What Are the Important Qualities Forensic Scientists Should Have?

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