The Abu Dhabi Police and Homeland Security

Abu Dhabi Police strive to serve the community honestly by providing excellent training. In 1957, the Abu Dhabi Police were established, and the structure and methods of operation of the police have undergone significant modifications since that time (AD police history, n.d.). The police force now has more authority and responsibility due to this merger. The Abu Dhabi Police started a modernization project that aimed at adapting its operations to match the changing demands of society to ensure that its activities will be viable in the short and long term. Thus, the paper discusses the fundamental components and structure of UAE homeland security and its function and effects on the country’s safety and security.

ADP has its own goals that guide the work of the organization. The organization’s mission is to work for a stable, crime-free society while assisting in the justice system’s administration to maintain the public’s trust in the police (Vision, mission, and objectives, n.d.). The structure of the ADP is hierarchal and begins with the ADP commander-in-chief and ADP director general (Organization chart, n.d.). After that, there are multiple sectors such as human resources, particular tasks, criminal security, central operation, security and ports, and others (Organization chart, n.d.). Main threats that ADP focuses on include criminality detection, preventing crime, and improving traffic safety, such as putting road safety laws into effect and raising awareness of traffic. The Ministry of Interior’s primary responsibilities include safeguarding national security, establishing, organizing, managing police, and providing protection and security for buildings and property (Entities responsible for security and safety, n.d.). The UAE’s security and police systems are integrated by the ministry, and the upkeep of peace and order in each emirate is the responsibility of the local police authority.

To create a safer society, Abu Dhabi’s police headquarters collaborates with the other UAE law enforcement through the Ministry of Interior. Al-Ain City, the western area, the outer region, and Abu Dhabi Island are the four central districts that Abu Dhabi Police protects and services (Abu Dhabi Police Creates GIS Center for Security, n.d.). Police patrol, emergency management, crime scene investigation, and traffic are just a few disciplines represented by ADP units. In an emergency such as murder, the police would take urgent measures to deal with the crime. They would go to a scene, question the witnesses, observe the space and search for evidence.

The Abu Dhabi Police department has always sought to be efficient and productive in its activities to combat crime and ensure the safety of individuals. The force has established an organizational structure to guarantee that orders and information from higher command levels are communicated and followed. To ensure that it achieves its aims and objectives, it has been the attitude of the police force to accept new technology and methods that are efficient in its operations and combine them with old traditions that have been successful.

Overall, to keep the public’s confidence in the police, the ADP’s objective is to strive toward a stable, crime-free society while aiding in the administration of the judicial system. ADP concentrates on three main dangers: detecting illegal activity, preventing crime, and enhancing road safety. The Abu Dhabi Police’s goal is to become a proactive, intelligence-led police force that responds to social demands while upholding the highest standards of morality and training. The police would act quickly to deal with a crime like murder in an emergency. The capacity of the Abu Dhabi security force to meet the needs and standards of the people, institutions, and interests it represents has led to it being regarded as the community’s top partner.


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