Gun Ownership Regulation in the US


The right of U.S. citizens to own guns is enshrined in the country’s constitution. It is guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the fundamental law, and Americans use it; according to a Gallup Institute survey, 47 percent of private households in the United States own guns (Kolbe, 2020). Meanwhile, nearly 70 percent of murders and about 40 percent of robbery assaults in the United States are committed with firearms (Kolbe, 2020). Hence, enforcing the 2nd Amendment and enhancing regulation of the supply and demand of guns in the market is essential.

The Right of US Citizens to Own and Use Guns

It is essential to support the use of legal guns and to control and suppress illegal gun trafficking in U.S. markets. Therefore, introducing strict inspections before selling guns is critical, as is allocating funds for the mental health of citizens and ensuring the safety of educational institutions; this would prevent school shootings. In order to secure the right of citizens to use guns and, at the same time, protect public safety, crisis intervention programs for former prisoners should be organized (Worrall, 2014). Only after they have passed should they be permitted to own a gun, reducing recidivism cases. Additionally, establishing additional regulations and a secondary market will decrease the resale of guns to individuals potentially susceptible to terrorist acts (Worrall, 2014). Therefore, special attention needed to be focused on supplemental requirements in the secondary market.

Another approach that can save people from accidental death is providing additional firearms protection. Accordingly, firearms manufacturers should be required to install additional escapements and other designs that eliminate the possibility of an accidental shooting. However, the competence of the Consumer Product Safety Commission should also be extended to the regulation of firearms (Worrall, 2014). This will verify the technical safety of guns and decrease the risk of misuse.


Therefore, U.S. citizens have to use the right to a gun legally. To assure safe use of the product, gun manufacturers should install additional constructions. Meanwhile, special attention needs to be devoted to former inmates in gun purchases, and programs need to be created for them to prevent recidivism. Additional regulation should also be introduced for identity verification in gun sales and further funds allocated to provide government agencies.


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