Criminology and Its Role on Society Improving

Criminology as a science is a powerful tool for analyzing and studying criminality. The conclusions formed in such studies can then be applied in real settings to improve the social situation. Therefore, from my perspective, the most important of all aspects of criminology is experimental, which is most closely related to the practical implementation. I believe the evidence-based approach is highly effective and allows applying the best scientific knowledge in practice (Miller, 2009). In the context of criminology, this approach makes it possible to use the latest scientific achievements to analyze crime and criminals. The cooperation of advanced science and practice will significantly improve the efficiency of detecting criminals, which will positively affect the standard of living and security of society.

The most relevant and requiring additional research topic seems to me the role of media and modern technologies in criminology. Over the past two decades, technological progress has accelerated significantly, forming many new factors affecting society. At the moment, criminology has not sufficiently covered several areas due to technological backwardness. These areas and technologies, including the Internet, can be used to commit or prepare for crimes. Therefore, more effective involvement of technology and the study of media in a criminological context will allow this science to remain relevant and study crime in the realities of the modern, digital world. An example of this would be the use of big data, giving researchers access to vast amounts of information to explain various patterns (Ozkan, 2019). With the correct implementation of these approaches, as a result of research, new policies can be formed that regulate activities in the media and prevent crime in them. Since a large part of modern society is closely connected with digital technologies, such regulation will make their life safer.

Reading and studying social science research material has shown me this field’s range. Since it is related to the study of human society, such studies reflect a variety of elements, from healthcare to the interaction of children and adults (University of Oxford, 2018). As a result, I have the following question: how can the results obtained in such extensive research be applied in practice to improve the life of society? Although this field of science explores many topics, these studies, in my opinion, should have some tangible impact on society. Therefore, I want to know what tools link research theory and social practice.


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