Comprehensive Plan to End Homelessness

The plan creates a mechanism to eradicate homelessness, and the single most crucial criterion for determining the strategy’s efficacy is whether the number of homeless persons is decreasing. In March, Pierce County (n.d.) formally approved a comprehensive plan to end homelessness. This strategy aims to record the need’s extent and establish a framework to end homelessness. The initiative aspires to attain functional zero, a situation in which everyone experiencing homelessness for the first time has prompt access to shelters and a stable housing solution. According to Pierce County (n.d.), the plan outlines the six primary objectives to examine. The first step is establishing a unified homeless response system, which includes a single regional strategy with central finance and service decision-making power. Second, it is critical to guarantee that programs benefit all demographics. The third purpose is to avoid homelessness, and the fourth duty is to ensure that neighboring systems serve people who are in danger of becoming homeless.

The next stage is to fulfill the urgent needs of those experiencing homelessness where they are turning homeless, rather than needing them to abandon their community support networks to get help. Finally, the permanent housing system must be expanded to fulfill the need. More significant service financing and accessible residential units are required to achieve lasting solutions. Much of this work is based on an approach known as targeted universalism. Pierce County (n.d.) states that targeted universalism establishes a single goal for everyone, in this scenario, stable housing. Nevertheless, various groups will require additional assistance to achieve that purpose. Programs should be devised to suit the needs of everyone who becomes homeless (Pierce County, n.d.). Therefore, Pierce County Human Services is designing the plan integrated framework but attempts to improve the homeless reporting system are already ongoing.


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