Angelina Jolie Advocates for Violence Law


Gender violence has been a central aspect of the U.S. criminal justice department. In a recent issue, Brenner (2022) records a strong move to strengthen the violence against women act. One key fact of this case is that it is a constitutional right to protect women from gender-based violence. For decades, women have been portrayed as weak individuals and have thus been desegregated in various areas of life. The family is the basic unit of society, and in it, women have often fallen victim to emotional and physical violence.

In the recent case, bipartisan activists promised to team up and revive the law. Notably, the activists involved are not affiliated with any party, thereby diffusing any claims of biased attention (Brenner, 2022). In addition, actor Angelina Jolie is cited as one of the figures inspiring many legislators to support the bill. The participation of a female celebrity adds weight to the matter since she speaks from the point of experience, whether directly or indirectly. More importantly, Jolie’s main point was that people had been made to feel so powerless that they found it difficult to leave abusive marriages. The main facts here are women’s rights and the role of legislators in enforcing key policies.

Ethical/ Professional Issues

A person mandated by law to carry out a particular task would act unethically if they failed in their role. In this case, Brenner (2022) records that Senators Ernst and Murkowski of the Republican Party and Durbin and Feinstein of the Democratic Party are among the legislators who promised to revive the bill. These legislators are elected to represent the people of their states, with the largest population consisting of women and children. With all the gender violence cases that have been reported, these senators are well aware of the situations affecting women in society. Therefore, it is their moral duty and electoral responsibility to ensure that women are protected.

Looking at actor Jolie, it is evident that she is using her position in society to shape women’s futures. Being a celebrity requires support from community members. Therefore, celebrities should reciprocate their support by campaigning for justice and community well-being. Jolie’s decision is, therefore, well-meaning, ethical, and professional. Violence against women affects every person in society, and everyone should team up to support the proposed act. Although not every senator has publicly declared their backing, the above senators’ decision is professional and ethical as they are simply ensuring that women are protected, which is among their legal duties.

Personal Opinion

Looking at this case from a societal point of view, women have been subjected to gender-based violence for many years. All the while, the elected officials, judges, and celebrities have continued with their lives undisturbed. For an equitable society, women should be shielded from the harmful effects of gender-based violence. It is crucial to have legislators fully undertake their roles to ensure that the violence against women act is passed. It would be unethical if they let the bill fail since women would continue to suffer. Jolie’s sensational appeal is also ethical since it is aimed at achieving women’s protection which would ultimately contribute to a free and safe society. In essence, protecting women contributes to a free and just society, eventually leading to economic growth and development. To avoid any professional issues, all legislators should reconsider the aspects of the act in question and amend all relevant areas.


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