Racial Inequality and Rehabilitation in Criminal Justice


Researchers have spent a lot of time looking at the origins and effects of racial differences in criminal justice procedures, as well as the extent to which these discrepancies are due to discrimination or different rates of crime. Studies of victimization and offending patterns, as well as societal factors (such as poverty, segregation, and unemployment) that underpin and explain race/ethnic variations in statistics on major violent crime, have received a lot of attention. Racial inequality and rehabilitation have remained a significant issue of concern for criminal justice systems as most people have suffered from the problem as killing and murder cases are repeatedly reported. It is unethical for people to lose lives just because of race and discrimination in this area.

Summary of the Racial Inequality and Rehabilitation

People across the world are suffering because of racial inequalities and discrimination. Ethnic groups exist, and people have separated themselves and decided to have their own lives alone. Racial groups and inequalities have come into existence simply due to the black people as they are considered inferior and have nothing good that can be copied by the whites and their culture is way different. The black has never been given opportunities to live and have a good life in the white nation. They are constantly discriminated against, and they go through a lot of suffering in their whole lives, which has become a significant challenge to most of those who live in these nations. It is essential to ensure that people avoid these challenges and problems and develop well together.

Fights have been the talk of the day because most blacks have been killed for nothing without having done any problem. There are demonstration groups of the blacks to enable them to be responsible and talk about their rights but whites have decided to mistreat them at all costs. No one might live in peace when discriminated against and not being respected as a person (Mohd Akahsah et al., 2020). The whites have been mistreating the blacks and the issue has become troublesome, and most of them have returned to their mother countries to begin another new life in their nations. They turned down from living in a white nation due to race inequalities in these countries.

People are supposed to be treated fairly, ensuring that they can live well and have a good life there. The black have skills and knowledge which can be helpful in these countries and, all human beings are just the same, and there is no way there should be anything to do with inequalities and unfair dealings being reported in the nation. Most of the cases have been reported, but the problem is even in the government; they have not developed steps to ensure that they solve the problem, but they assume that everything is just the same. Government is responsible for taking and out measures that will ensure that everything goes well in these countries and no one will be maltreated and all changes have been equally shared among people.

What Makes This an Issue?

Racial inequality is one of the biggest problems affecting black people, and what makes this an issue is the unfair treatment that happens to the people in this nation. It is a big challenge, and most people have been unable to continue living in these countries with such harsh treatment. There is no way people will be treated the wrong way and still keep on living there (Javeri, 2020). Government should intervene and make some changes in the nation and ensure that fair treatment for all people is achieved at all costs. Some of the activities the whites can carry out and do, but the black people are not allowed due to race.

. The majority of the groups, whenever they are denied their right that they always decide to do, demonstrate and engage themselves in killings activities. This is the worst mistake that could be made as a nation will never grow with these issues. Whites have been prioritizing even in healthcare facilities; they are given higher quality services and have not been offering quality obey to the blacks because they consider them unequal parties.

The inequality has brought many challenges, and thus why there is a need to avoid such practices to help ensure that there is peace. No one should be allowed to exercise and enjoy more benefits in one country than in the other (Deeg, 2018). All should be entitled to similar and equal rights and help to ensure equality in a nation. People can live without arguing and engaging in some of the disgusting activities. The government has the proper authority to control anything and thus why they should use the power given by the state and equalize areas where challenges are being experienced, particularly racial inequality.

By ensuring that some of these practices are not being shared by anyone in the nation, growth will be accelerated, and the government will achieve many things with a lot of ease and without even struggling too much. When peace exists in a country and equality, economic growth even grows. This is the high time racial inequality should be taken seriously and treated as criminal behavior, and it will halt within no time. The whites should stop their behavior, focus on practical activities, and ensure that the back people live a good life without experiencing any disturbance.

Racial inequality should be brought to an end and normalized equality in all people’s dealings, whether white or black. Through equality, everything will be achieved. The nation’s economic growth will grow economy of a nation can never rise to have people who are not settled but who are into fights with each other over activities that are not of great importance. People should acknowledge others and treat them well as they are all human beings, and the world would be a better place for everyone. The whites have killed most of the black people living in their nation, like Floyd, who was killed by a soldier and was linked to being racial matters (Nyamakai & Manyarara, 2017). It’s criminal for a soldier to kill a person because they are black. Every community member should be aware of the inequalities they have been committing to other people, stop immediately, and focus on activities that will improve the world.

The racial inequality movement came into existence a long time ago, and ways of bringing it to an end have not yet been found, thus why people are still not able to handle that. This is high time that everyone becomes aware of the matter as it will keep dragging back the good things which could be achieved by people working together with unity and not engaging in the fight all the time.

Rehabilitation can be a good idea to be done as it makes a wrong person who had terrible morals develop desirable traits and be of great use to society. Rehabilitation is simply restoring the life of a person who was damaged through maybe illness or imprisonment, and they become good people back again (François Asselineau, 2017). This is the issue that is supposed to be solved by all means and makes life better for all people in society. The white should treat the black people fairly so that they will not be in a position to suffer. There is a need for humanity to unite and prioritize living in peace rather than having chaos. Equality should be the day’s talk, and everyone is aware of it, and the society will be united, and no one will suffer like in the past time how people were in trouble.

Data Showing the Impact of the Issue on Society

Society has been affected by racial inequality, and most people have been made slaves of race. They have not been allowed to carry out their duty with freedom, but they have been forced and others discriminated against for all of their activities. There is data that has been provided and shows how the issue of race has an impact on society. Most of the people who are living in the community have been forced to adapt to that side of bad life as they even lack options on what they can be able to do at the same time. Slavery, for example, in Mississippi, was dominant, and most of the people were suffering because of the same problem in society.

According to the data provided, 49% of people owned a slave, and they used to mistreat them for most of the activities they were instructed to perform at that specific time. In a census held in 2860, it was clarified that almost 506 people were private households off which they were slaves (Senter & Ling, 2017). The number of people who were no slaves during this period was 19,410,197. At this time, the household consisted of 5.3 people, which suggested that there was close to 3,640,000 in the no slave household. They were held as a slave; they were not going in any given place, which made them separate from their families, some being parents supposed to provide for their children, who made them experience a hard life in these places. 14% was the percent in which the households could be taken as slaves to the people in need. It was a tough time for the blacks to be treated as slaves, and they had done nothing wrong at the same time.

The racial inequalities led to some of the people being killed for the mistake they were not aware of. Around 25 men in the 19th century were executed for the case of being associated with rape crimes (Brenni, 2019). They were killed, and remember, they were breadwinners to some other families. Killing will never be the best way people should be punished for their mistakes as there is another best way rather than killing innocent souls. The killings affect society as some of the members who are being killed have families and communities too to make things work well and in the best way possible.

Why Social Justice should be addressed

Social justice refers to the fairway in which resources like wealth, opportunities, and privileges are equally distributed to all community members without issues of race being considered at any point. There is a need for every individual in the community to be given equal shares and responsibilities to ensure that there is equity and that people can live without disagreeing at any point. Wealth has been one of the things that have not been equally distributed to all community members. The whites have been distributing some of this resource among themselves, and they have not given the others the right to enjoy the wealth and other critical resources in their nation.

There is a need for the government to enforce these laws into action and ensure that no one will be mistreating others at any time to promote equity in the nation. People are not supposed to be treated unequally and be denied some rights to ownership of property and opportunities. This is the best principle that is supposed to be addressed and ensures that people are aware of living a just life. People are supposed to treat their colleagues the same and stop issues based on the race in which they come from to avoid some group of people facing trouble in their entire lives.

It is critical to ensure that the community members live in a fairway all the time. The principle will help people identify some of the behaviors they were committing to their fellow citizens and change. Some nations have formulated laws and rules to govern people and those living in a way that is not encouraged by the government are supposed to be punished by the court. Every member should live like family members, which will make the nation grow and achieve many things. With peace and people engaging in a just way of living, the government will be favored to succeed, and many things will be achieved together. Unity and togetherness have it all, and social justice should be applied to change the situation. With the social justice principle application, the racial inequalities of different community members will deviate from their way and make everything be good and work out well. I will be for the benefit of the community all the time.

Cultural and Diversity Issues

The biggest issue that has led to the racial inequalities between a larger group of community members is that the whites believe that black people do not belong to their ethnic group. They have negative beliefs about black people. They always think that nothing good can be produced by the black people thus why there have been many challenges and people have been affected due to these challenges. They believe that they are not sour involve themselves in activities with other blacks in their nation and thus why there have been cases of suffering and racial inequality being reported.

Contribution of Addressing Racial Inequality to Making the Society

The issue has seriously affected many people, and mostly the black people ads they are the ones who suffer from racial discrimination and unfair treatment. Racial inequality has made their life to be hard, and they experience bad moments. By addressing the issue, many things are likely to change, like treating them in a fair and just way, the whites. At the end of time, they will understand that black people are also human. They are supposed to be treated well, and they will lower their levels of harshness to them. Through understanding, there is a need to have racial equity and treat each other fairly and reasonably; people will live like a friend and need to exploit each other. Everyone will be given equal chances to secure and form job opportunities in the nation and be able to be just in anyone’s dealings, and the nation needs to be in such a way.

There is a need for everyone to understand that fairness is essential and should be carried out in all people’s activities. It is necessary to make sure that you treat the other partners just the same way in which you would wish to be treated back. Through the enhancement of some policies, the people in a nation will be able to enjoy these benefits, and no problem will ever arise. Ensuring that the white does not abuse the black people because they belong to different ethnic groups will ensure that the world and be built by people who are united and the society will be (Hayanga et al., 2020). The issue should therefore be addressed all the time and in different public places to help ensure that the community is brought back to peace where everyone enjoys living and having lived. just in the society will only be achieved if the people themselves decide to change and deviate from the ways in which they have been treating others.

Empirical Research

Under the empirical research to analyze the racial inequality problems which are affecting the society and is a problem that has been in existence for a long time, most people have been suffering from it, there is a need to use empirical evidence and ensure that the proper evidence has been obtained as far as the problems are concerned. Empirical research usually uses direct observation or indirect observation to observe the challenge presented by the person responsible for and dealing with the whole study.

Racial inequality has been figured out and identified differently, and the whites have been involved in racial discrimination. They base on the color to determine whether they will be able to carry out the discrimination and the acts of inequality they have been using to treat people in the wrong way. There is a need for people to ensure that they act in the best way possible and avoid being involved in some of the activities as they will make people’s lives difficult on the other end.

According to the evidence which has been figured, white soldiers kill black people whenever they find them in any form of crime, and thus why there have been challenges and problems every time. This is an issue that has made the world suffer from racial inequality in the white nation. There is an area where the black people cannot work because the position are highly preserved for the white settlers and no one person has been identified to work there freely. This shows how racial inequality is highly spread globally, and people have been suffering from the dangers associated with the problem. Empirical research has been of great help to ensure that people avoid this crime, and they focus on helpful things and will different nations to grow and be successful.


The resolutions which might be made to ensure that everything goes on well and in the right way is through everyone being made aware of the need to ensure that they treat others in a fair manner and avoid racial inequalities as this has been the biggest challenge that a group of people has been experiencing throughout their life. Social media is the best method to approach racial inequality and teach people the necessity of living a very free life from discrimination and treating others in the wrong way. Everyone is equal, and they should have the same rights, and this will make the world move a more significant step further. Through being enlightened over the dangers which arise from treating others unequally, they will be able to make the appropriate decision and live harmoniously. The whites treating other ethnic groups in the right way will make everything work out well, and no one will ever experience any challenge.

Branches of Criminal Justice

Criminal justice is critical and can be used to ensure that the issue is figured out, and controlled, and ensure that the problem is handled in the right way. The branch will deal with racial inequalities and ensure that everything can be adequately solved in law enforcement and the judiciary. The two branches of criminal justice can ensure that everything is solved out and people can live a good life and achieve the goals set as a nation. It is usually good to live with others in a way which other countries can complement. The law enforcement branch can ensure that there are impositions of laws that people will use whenever they engage in any activity that they might be willing to and help ensure that there is just in society.

Most people have been identified not to be guided and governed by their inner self, but they need laws to make the appropriate decision and ensure that they are not caught on the wrong side. Laws, whenever the government has made them, cannot be broken at any point, and it is the responsibility of everyone to ensure that they follow what is being taught. It will be for the benefit of the people themselves. The government is supposed to create time and ensure that they form rules followed by different people to make society a better place for everyone (Rastogi & Divekar, 2017). Anyone who will be involved in breaking the laws made in the community is supposed to be faced with the correct fine and ensure that they change their evil ways. That is the appropriate way to ensure that everything is in order under the criminal justice. Society should be made better in all ways possible, even if it takes what makes it look better for everyone in the community.

A lot of people will follow this strategy, and they will have a good life. The laws should be enforced against racial inequality and those involved in treating others in the wrong be fined. The rules will be to shape society and make people live in the best way possible. Judiciary consists of the court, and those who offend the laws should be taken to court and answer the reason as to why they have committed such form of evil.

Criminal and Social Justice Theories

According to the United States, there have been criminal and social justice theories, and they have been able to help bring the issue of racial inequality to an end. According to the theories, most people are unable to treat others well, and most of the nations have been turned down from any form of growth. People must learn these theories, which are there to help them loge a worthy life of peace. The theories have described some of the injustices committed to different people in the community and mostly the white and the black people. By going through these theories, they will be equipped with what is needed, and they will avoid some of the challenges they have been facing. People should be fair and just and prevent any form of inequality as with such kind of behavior, the society can never grow, and nothing will be achieved with such behaviors. Everyone is supposed to have good behaviors and make the organization grow at large.

Judiciary, Correction, and Law Enforcement

Judiciary, correction, and law enforcement are the best branches in the criminal justice systems to ensure that a just society can be obtained. People can live in peace and without being disturbed by anyone in all of their activities. Social equality has been achieved through law enforcement as people are really afraid of being judged in court and be faced with severe punishment. Most people will not be able to break the government’s laws simply because they don’t want to be faced with rules formulated by the government. Human rights and solidarity through the judiciary have been made accessible to be respected all the time (Thom et al., 2020). Most people are now obeying the rules and rights of people and making the world better. When everyone follows the rights of each other, it is easy for peace to be in that place and will make people grow and achieve greatness. Fairness at the other need will be impacted, and it will be possible for people to interact without chaos and fights being manifested among anyone in the community.

Poverty, Racism, and Religion

Poverty are one of the challenges that people have been facing, and they have decided to engage themselves in some evil activities, and they will end up suffering more than it was necessary. People always look for shortcuts in life, thus how their lives have been demanding. Racism is the other major challenge that people have been facing. It might contribute to hoe social justice and racial inequality for the different people in different parts of the globe which is the cause of racial inequality and other social unfair treatment. Most people engage in this destructive behavior that is not encouraged in society simply because of factors influencing them, like racism.

On the other side, religion has too affected the rate at which the social injustice case is being committed in society. The three issues are the influencers of the social injustice and inequality in society. People should stop them and live in a way that everyone else in the community will be happy about. Most of them, like racism, have been discouraged, but stool people are stubborn as they are still discriminating against others based on the ethnic groups that people come from, and it is not supposed to be the case.


In conclusion, racial inequality is a significant challenge that many people have been facing, and they have been unable to get away with the situation. Some people are treated better in the community than others, which has brought many complications and fights between whites and blacks. The blacks have not been given equal chances and opportunities like any other members of the white community, and they have been suffering in this nation. Racial discrimination is another problem affecting society, and there is a need for people to make sure that they avoid some of these practices. Some laws should be enforced by the government and make sure that the rights of everyone are respected and at no point will anyone ever feel disrespected.

Some of the branches of social justice can be applicable and help solve this issue by it’s an initiative that requires everyone in the community to be in a better position to cooperate to achieve extraordinarily. People are suffering out of the challenges, and thus why there is a need to ensure that everyone cooperates to stop the crime and make people’s lives better than ever. The whites should stop the discrimination they have been committing to the blacks, and peace shall prevail and allow people to carry out all of their activities without experiencing any form of trouble. If there is something that should be avoided by all people all along should be racial inequality and social injustice which some members of the community have been committing to their fellow citizens. There is a need for sisterhood and brotherhood in all dealings of people and everything will work out well and people will enjoy the value of living in this nation.


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