Serial Killers: Search and Detention

The search and detention of serial killers are fraught with various difficulties, such as their high mobility and the choice of victims. In addition, serial killers hide evidence more carefully. Often conducting an investigation requires the coordination of different groups within law enforcement agencies. At the same time, the public must be informed about a serial offender as quickly and accurately as possible. The faster and better the investigative work is carried out, the quicker it will be to stop the criminal and prevent subsequent victims.

In the process of catching serial killers, the police and the agency need to cooperate with the media and with experts in psychology, psychiatry, forensic medicine, etc. Relations with the media should be acceptable and working; they should not aggravate the situation and interfere with the investigation. Psychologists and criminologists help the search by creating a profile of the perpetrator and testifying against him in court (Hickey, 2015). Thus, the modern approach to capturing serial criminals is the creation of multidisciplinary teams that integrate the achievements of science and technology into the investigation and trial process.

In the United States in the 1980s, an extensive system of ministries and agencies was created to track, profile and catch serial killers. They investigate what problems may arise during the investigation and after capture and develop protocols for various situations and stages of work. For example, a hotel problem involves interviewing a criminal who has killed many people (Hickey, 2015). Specialists are especially interested in how to obtain information without cognitive biases and what data can be collected about the nature of human violence.

Thus, this chapter taught me how difficult it is to identify a serial killer and catch him. Criminologists have to implement various methods to look for maniacs and predict the development of their behavior. A wide range of techniques is used for this, from computer simulation to the psychology of criminal behavior. I am interested in learning more about how the media influences the criminal’s behavior and his search. The media’s information can worsen the situation and push the killer to erroneous actions.


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