Researching of Faith Integration

Secured transactions employ personal property as collateral for debt, providing the creditor with additional security. When dealing with both sides of a transaction, it is only fair that all parties receive what is promised in the agreement and that it makes sense for everyone involved. However, Exodus 22:25-27 says that if you lend money to those in need, no interest should be charged (English Standard Version Bible, 2001). This means Christian businessmen and creditors have additional requirements and standards in transactions.

Exodus 22:25-27 concerns a poor member of God’s people in need of a cash loan. This loan will not be granted in accordance with typical lending practices. In other words, it will be distributed without any interest. The legislation is silent on the economic feasibility of such a practice. It just demands a concrete need for care and expects the community to figure out the practical specifics. In this case, Christian businesspeople should also consider a debtor’s financial situation, as high interest may be a burden for them. However, in the circumstances of the modern world and financial system, these regulations can be harmonized with Article 9 of the UCC. A creditor must be able to follow the process, grasp the plan, and apply the optimum option for risk mitigation. In most cases, asking the debtor to offer a security interest to the creditor as part of the transaction gives the creditor stronger bargaining leverage (Halverson, 2020). This is done before making a loan or offering anything of value to increase the possibility of payment if the debtor does not follow the terms of the arrangement.

It is always vital that the choice of law and the parties’ jurisdiction be adequately specified as part of the procedure to enforce rights as soon as possible. This is generally the location of the debtor. Complications arise from the need to understand the common legal definitions used throughout the article’s many sections. The fact that its rules have exceptions that a credit manager must understand and the fact that timing of actions and specificity of documentation, if not followed, will jeopardize the creditor’s legal protection.


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