Law Ethics: Personal Core Values

Core values

Core values are those personal standards that tend to influence an individual’s attitude and character. They make an individual unique. They cannot be easily changed as they are attached to an individual both emotionally and mentally. Setting up personal core values is important as it helps in coming up with realizable goals and also helps in building self confidence (Peak 2010). Core values define who we are. The following are my core values;


I believe that the truth will set me free. When a person starts telling lies, he or she will keep on lying to cover up for the lies that had been told earlier. This will lead to more lies being told in the future. I believe that I concentrate this energy in doing useful things. At times, the truth hurts but I still believe in being truthful in whatever I do in life.


This makes up the foundation of personal core values. A person who is consistent is dependable. That is, he gets the job done. You can count on him to deliver on anything that he promises. Not only is the person dependable, but the person is also said to be trustworthy. This people maintain the quality of their output. I work hard at school to make sure that my grades do not vary from those of previous years.

Open minded

This can be defined as being dynamic and creative. Being open minded is all about seeing opportunities and taking them. People who are open minded are able to think about the future and plan on the steps to take to achieve a better future.


I want to be successful in whatever I do in life. I am dedicated in whatever I do. I can only be successful if I am highly motivated. I have to occasionally read motivational material and attend motivational talks to keep myself motivated.

Personal core values can either be developed over time or acquired based on personal experiences.

We acquire values through teaching. In life, we learn a lot from our teachers, parents and siblings. This teaching helps people develop values. Some of the rules that we came across in school and at home helps develop values. Many of us usually despise the fact we have to go school early. But this simple rule helped us develop values that will help us in the future.

Some of our past experiences help us develop values. These experiences can either be negative or positive. Some these personal experiences are dilemmas that we once encountered, and those complex situations we have found ourselves in and had to make prompt decisions (Kania 2008). They helped us shape our future by coming up with good values.

Our culture can also have an influence on our core values. These are the traditions that the society holds in high regard. The society has been practicing these traditions for decades. One is likely to adopt these values.

Core values are important to any one individual. They help to truly know more about the things you don’t like and those that you like. These are beliefs that you, as an individual can stand by. Knowing your personal core values will help you live a happier life. This is because you will always be doing those things that make you happy and are important in your life.

Personal core values also help people plan for their future. The future is very important. The things we do now will affect our future. We should have core values that will enable us be successful in the future.

Having good core values also help set personal goals. Personal goals are the things that an individual would want to achieve at some point in life. It is important to have goals that motivate us to work harder. If you set a personal goal that you want good grades in school, then you have to work hard, attend classes and complete assignments in time so that you can be able to get the high grades that you desire.

Importance of human values in the workplace

Human values can be defined as the qualities that people posses. They include; honesty, generosity, courage respect and courage. They are important in the workplace due to the following reasons;

They encourage good conduct in the workplace. There are rules and regulations that have to be adhered to in the workplace. They help workers in the organization to co-exist peacefully by obeying these rules and regulations. If employees of any organization possess human values it will help foster good relationships between fellow employees and the managers of the organization (Whisenand & Ferguson 2009). Human values enhance effectiveness in the organization. Employees who have human values will require minimal supervision for them to work effectively. They will also be self driven and be focused to achieve the goals of the organization.


It is important for any human being to have well defined core values. The importance of core values to an individual cannot be underestimated. It is, therefore, important that once in a while we take some time alone and come up with core values that will help us in our day to day activities. It is important that employees of an organization practice human values. Practicing human values in the workplace will help the organization achieve its short term and long term goals.


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