Gun Control and Its Effectiveness

Evidence of Prewriting and Thesis

How effective are the laws for gun control? Are they needed, or is it vital that civilians have the right to self-defense through easy and legal access to guns? The two questions are of paramount significance to the citizens of the United States. On the one hand, some families have witnessed the murder of their loved ones by psychopaths who had access to gun. On the other hand, criminals have killed many people without a chance for self-defense. The matter of gun violence is so crucial that it is one of the basic stances presidential candidates must give. By joining and contributing to the debate, some people may realize that gun control benefits citizens and ensures their safety. Although people are afraid that gun control takes away their rights and denies them an opportunity for self-defense when attacked, such a stance is pessimistic and promotes homicide as civilians are not trained in the disciplined use of guns.

Outlined Topics

  • Introduction
    • Explain the concept of gun control.
    • Provide a stance and thesis statement on the debate about gun control.
  • Body paragraph 1: Accessibility of guns increases the homicide cases in the United States
    • If people do not have access to lethal weapons when they argue or fight, it is unlikely that death will occur.
    • Countries that have legalized the ownership of guns by civilians are likely to have more cases of murder (On gun violence, 2022).
  • Body paragraph 2: The police are already available to protect the people
    • Citizens should have confidence in the legal forces, but when they have guns, they easily try to revenge.
    • Civilians do not have training on anger management and the correct use of guns which make misuse inevitable.
  • Body Paragraph 3: A pessimistic stance that there are going to be criminals encourages fear and distrust.
    • The assumption that there may be a criminal is a wrong mentality that makes people suspicious of strangers.
    • There are other channels for defense, such as calling 911, raising alarm, and hiding.
  • Conclusion
    • Summary
    • Concluding remarks

Quotation for Body Paragraph 1

“A mass shooting increases the salience of the issue of gun violence, providing an opportunity for entrepreneurs in the gun control policy stream to pursue their policy goals” (Kantack & Paschall, 2020).


Kantack, B. R., & Paschall, C. E. (2020). Does “politicizing” gun violence increase support for gun control? Experimental evidence from the Las Vegas shooting. Social Science Quarterly, 101(2), 893-908.

On gun violence, the United States is an outlier. (2022). Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation. Web.

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